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On this page you will find a list of all our objects, grouped by a theme to make navigation easier. All of our themes deal with various aspects of James Monroe, from the man, to the President and diplomat, to his persona and family life. Each link takes you to another page where the theme in question is examined in more detail. Also included on the themes pages are pictures of the objects that correspond to that theme, the 3-D scan, and a brief description of each object.

 James Monroe
An introduction to James Monroe.

President’s House Experience
This section discusses Monroe’s experience in the White House, featuring the White House Chair and the Monroe Desk.

Learn about Monroe’s diplomatic experience, both abroad and in the United States of America.

Personal Possessions
This section describes some of James Monroe’s personal possessions.

Maria Hester Monroe Gouverneur
This section discusses Maria Hester Monroe Gouverneur’s heirs donated many of her possessions to the James Monroe Museum. This section tells her story.

Plantation Life
Learn about life on the plantation through lighting objects.