About the Project

This website displays 3-D scans of objects from the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library, located in downtown Fredericksburg, in an online, interactive exhibit. The James Monroe in 3-D site is part of Professor McClurken’s Digital History class at the University of Mary Washington.


To navigate this site, simply click on any of the tabs above which will take you to different resources. The Exhibit tab will take you to the exhibit which places these 3-D scanned objects within the context of James Monroe’s life. If you are just interested in looking at the scans of the objects and/or reading about the physical details about the object, click the Collections tab. There are Interviews with the curator of the James Monroe Museum, Jarod Kearney, about the Monroe Desk, Bas Relief of the Louisiana Purchase, the Peace Medal, and the telescope.

To learn more about the 3-D scanning process for this site, follow the Process tab. The Timeline tab will take you to an interactive timeline that depicts our progress for this site, and of our scanning project, each week up until it was published. The bibliography page will lead you to a list of our sources cited for this project in case you are interested in learning more about James Monroe or 3-D scanning. Finally, the About Us page will lead you to descriptions of each of the contributors and more details about the class.